Modern enterprise is about playing a more meaningful role in the world. Future advantage goes to businesses and brands that activate a powerful reason for being — marrying purpose’ with some critical part of people and planet wellbeing …

  • building a work culture around it
  • unleashing people talent for it
  • innovating ideas that deliver it
  • and engaging fans of it

For 20+ years, Matt‘s been at the forefront of this work with industry leaders. He’s known for coalescing the disciplines of enterprise innovation into new, accelerated narratives; transforming how new value is arrived at and the culture, people and brands that deliver it.

Knowing that a rising tide lifts all boats, Matt is democratising his experience to help speed the pace for sustainable change — from those starting out and up to established global corporates — by developing two core products’.

One is a program for People.

The other an approach for Fans.

Ideas can change the world - so get innovating ideas that do.

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Turn on your creative human.
Become an ideas person.

Everyone is creative,
anyone can innovate,
you just need to learn how.

Creativity is modern enterprise advantage. Why then do so many get it so wrong?!

The business of creativity is stuck in old-20th-century-ideas; the outsourcing of insight kills the courage of conviction, creative confidence dies in stale brainstorms and de-risking processes make ideas worse. The vision that started with innovating better ideas faster often ends with average ideas, slower!

You can be better.

Your business can do better, faster.

After 20 years of people and ideas innovation, here are some truths:

  • everyone is creative — it’s neuroscience — if you have a brain, you are creative
  • everyone’s creativity is different — winning ideas need different creativity so that’s a good thing
  • everyone can learn to reconnect with their inner creative human — it’s not gone anywhere
  • brainstorms are for collaboration, not origination — there’s way better ways for that
  • old school skills training’ doesn’t solve the problem — being creative is mostly behaviours 
  • innovation is simply the process of creating better ideas and making the best happen 

A Program for People

20+ years of experience captured and codified

O84 A8956

98% of 5-year olds are creative geniuses. That number plummets to just 2% in adults.

NASA – Longitudinal Tracking Study

Matt has codified 20+ years of proven innovation into a unique creative behaviours program to solve the problems of enterprise creativity. He calls it the BIF People Program because it’s about being versus techniques, learning by doing versus classroom training’, towards everyone becoming ideas people who add their much needed value to the innovation of better ideas faster:

What’s an ideas person? It’s any one armed with the facts about their creativity, who having learned to innovate the solving of one problem, can collaborate the solving of any problem


10 Behaviours

The BIF People Program narrates the 10 behaviours of thinking, doing and being creative (listed below) — starting with reconnecting with individual creativity, building into learn and do collaboration with others, then growing into new depths of inner creative capacity and confidence.




It feeds our creativity.



It’s understanding our audiences to inspire better ideas.




It’s our creativity, with others.



It’s the magic of fresh ‘data’ and ‘time’ for new ideas.



It’s designing our creative meets to enable flow.



Stretching our leadership styles to encourage ideas.




Nurturing our creativity... within



It’s staying true and staying strong... come what may



Choose and nurture 1 thing... it might become THE thing.

Letting Go

Letting Go

The best ideas are yet to come.

The Program Elements

A modern mix of learning and doing

MH screen

Having trained thousands of people to be creative and do innovation, Matt knows what it takes to cover different styles of learning and doing. BIF People Program, therefore, provides a modern blended mix of learning materials, direct contact and applied tools, separated into 4 elements:

Element 1 – The Manual

The hard cover manual beautifully designed to be both learning handbook and program journal.

Element 2 – eLearning

Learning content is augmented with online videos, podcasts and digital toolbox for learning-and-doing at your own pace.

Element 3BIF App

BIF App is perfectly designed to discipline your creativity — it catches your spontaneous ideas when they happen and saves them. Then later you can share and collaborate. Free to try in the app store now. 

Element 4 – Masterclass Hangouts

Client team Masterclasses with Matt, and weekly online coaching Zooms for those doing Self Study.

The Self Study Program

Designed for DIY and/or soundtrack to client programs

Snakes and ladders 4

Creativity is an individual competence — once attained it can be then shared.

Simon Blyth – Professor of Innovation, Bristol University

BIF People Program is for individuals, teams and organisations motivated to unleash creative thinking, empower collaboration and get innovating new solutions, value and impact. It’s primarily designed to be taken as Self Study. However, the design also works and has delivered extraordinary results for Client Learning and Development.

Self Study

The combination of the printed manual, online learning and direct contact with Matt makes it possible for everyone — whether solo, with a mate, or in a starting-out/startup team etc — to fully engage with BIF People Self Study and get magical results out of it. The learn-and-do nature makes this a true exchange of value — an exponential return-on-investment (the program fee) as both increased personal creativity and the new-value’ outputs this learn-and-do program produces. Take a listen to the intro podcast to know more …

Matt introduces BIF People Program

Take the Self Study Program

Let's turn on your creativity and make you an ideas person.


Client Learning and Development

Matt has delivered BIF People Program for industry leaders around the world. He doesn’t shout about the program’s impact — but the combination of personal learning and applied innovation personally led by Matt makes this a unique, transformative experience for people and enterprises lucky enough to experience it. BIF People can be tailored to fit desired objectives — be it New Product Development, People Training and/​or Cultural Transformation. Contact to explore further.



Understand fan behaviour.
Grow the biggest audience.

Get to the heart of audiences,
put audiences at the heart of innovation,
to start, build and grow fans.

It’s one thing to have a brilliant and stunning new idea, it’s a whole other thing to connect your world-beating-idea in markets that are already full of brands, products, and services that people are currently happy with.

Today’s enterprise challenge, therefore, is not just the idea. It’s also insight. It’s who your idea is for, why will they care, and then how to apply that insight to increase the likelihood of your idea engaging; a heartfelt aligned sense of purpose between you and audience, the delight they feel when engaging and then the holy grail of fan building that is you connecting with the biggest possible audiences.

Introducing Fandom

Redefining how ideas play a role in people’s lives

Fandom hands


Matt is world renown for pioneering modern Brand and Fan Innovation. He’s spent 20 years adding hundreds of millions of new fans for his clients including BBC, Cisco, Sony Music, Spotify, Unicef and Warner among others, by redefining how ideas play a role in people’s lives.

Fandom is the name Matt gives to the work of pursuing an empathetic approach to enterprise creativity, strategy and impact. By combining human emotion and data-science, Matt has been getting to the heartbeat of what makes people fans of the worlds leading brands.

He’s now helping accelerate brands as agents of change. Matt is sharing his Fandom experience for enterprises seeking new kinds of advantage through harnessing the power of fans; combining purpose, creativity and sustainability* to become not just world leading but also world changing.

The A–Z of Fandom

The modern business handbook to harness the power of fans.


Fandom Masterclass

Future advantage belongs to those who can innovate fans of world-changing brands. Learn how in this breakthrough workshop/​improv session with Matt.

Recent Client Project


Repurposing dairy to create fans of a healthier world.


He’s the Mozart of brand and fan innovation

Andrew Harvey – World renown Spiritual Teacher, Scholar, and Founder of Sacred Activism

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Repurposing dairy to create fans of a healthier world.