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Parenting Creative Problem Solvers - a handbook to help parents nurture our little people into their big ideas.

Matt knows first hand how hard parenting can be, and the already heavy shelves of book titles offering unwanted advice. This is not more of that. Rather, having been at the coal face of global innovation including education, he's peered into the future to see the fast coming changes - and what he's seen inspired this urgent product. Not only are robots and technology coming to change the nature of work and jobs our kids aren't being prepared for, but add in the emergent climate crisis and all the attendant problems and it resolves to this; our kids need to become the next generation of creative problem solvers. Those that do will thrive. Meaning, amongst our many tasks, we parents must nurture our kids into their creativity.

Parenting Creative Problem Solvers is Matt passing on his knowledge to help all parents do that with confidence, love and fun.

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