Teaching confident creative teachers.
To teach creative problem solving.

We are now entering an Apprenticeship Economy’ in which young people have to learn by doing.

The challenge is that for most a linear career no longer exits. Today’s solution is to learn by doing — finding a start, learning on the job’, taking learned experiences forward and trading them into the next ones. From such an agile collection of work experiences, young workers will formulate or stumble across their own north star’ … an empowered, resilient future in which purpose, talent and personal profit collide.

Matt’s creative behaviour programs are perfectly suited as the solution to help prepare young people for this new world. Having piloted different approaches directly with school students, the best way to support global youth is to provide support to those who lead their development — the teachers.

So, Matt is reframing his BIF People Program towards building inspirational content and active learning around the notion of teaching the teachers’. The goal is to establish Ideas School’ as both philosophy and platform; inspiring next-gen teachers help their young charges embrace this dynamic future confidently, via creative thinking, doing and being, exemplar stories and collaborative problem solving.

Young Innovator Programs


Beginning with educating individual and team creativity.


Applied creative collaboration using Artists briefs.


Showcasing team results and giving feedback.

CSR, sustainability, purpose, these are all iterations of the same thing, all moving towards an unavoidable new normal. At some point in the near future we need to live in a world where all business has a positive social and environmental impact on the world, and the brands that do this for real will be the winners

Michelle Ginty – Headteacher – Salusbury School

What's Next


Capturing the colours of adventurous creativity.



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Creating ideas to better make, move and use energy.